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Adult Sunday School

The Adult Fellowship Class, also referred to more recently as the Special Topics Sunday School Class, was formed in 1946 by Reverend Lacy Burns and Lynn Hastings. It was felt the church needed a class to serve the needs of returning veterans of World War II and the middle and twenty year old age group. Mrs. John Morris was the first teacher. For many years the class was called “Young Adults” before becoming the “Adult Fellowship.” 

We have taken a fresh look at the Ten Commandments, examined some of Jesus’ parables through the eyes of a Jewish scholar, wrestled with how to be “Anxious For Nothing” with one of our favorite authors Max Lucado, learned how to “Love Everybody Always” with the amazing Bob Goff, studied and wrestled with a very challenging book by Craig Groeschel “The Christian Atheist,” and most recently spent some great moments exploring the book of James with the guidance once again of Max Lucado.

The class is informal, the discussion enlightening, the laughter and tears real. We pray that our Lord will soften our hearts and strengthen our resolve to love and serve Him and others.

The class meets every Sunday at 9:40 in the Jack Johns classroom located above the sanctuary off the balcony. And the best thing is that you can jump in at any time. Please do. 😊