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Borders and Belonging: The Book of Ruth

Amid the poorly told, blunt stories in our world today that divide, polarize and reinforce stereotypes, this lyrical and imaginative book invites us to explore a timeless human drama that reveals how we might respond more creatively to pressing current issues about borders and belonging.

The ancient story of Ruth tells of an outsider, a migrant facing uncertainty in a strange land, a vulnerable female in a foreign culture; yet Ruth draws our generosity and justice and is herself the gift that will shape a new future for the people she chose as her own. 

Join Pastor Bart for a four week study, starting Wednesday, October 6th at 7PM, following the Prayer Meeting. 

Study will be in Seeker's Hall and online. 


Borders and Belongings: Week 4

Borders and Belongings: Week 3

Borders and Belongings: Week 2

Borders and Belongings: Week 1

Borders and Belongings: Discussion and Questions